University of Vermont

Background information

The University Of Vermont is by far the largest school in Vermont, located in the largest city in Vermont, Burlington. The University Of Vermont is commonly referred to as UVM, which stands for its Latin name “Universitas Viridis Montis”. UVM was the fifth college created in New England, and is one of the eight original public ivies. A public ivy is a public school that is considered academically outstanding, and top-notch for a state school.

Reeling you in like fish

When you tour UVM, the school gives off a vibe that the school is very laid back, and the guides actually make the school seem perfect. The tour guides are all handpicked, overall friendly, smart students, which create a sense that everyone at UVM is like these guides. The guides show you all the beautiful views of the campus, and show you all of the nicest hang out spots on campus. Then after the tours, they leave you to explore the streets of Burlington (which means you’ll walk down the church street). Waking down Church Street, this seems like the coolest town, with the most laid back folks, and causes you to think nightlife here must be fantastic. After spending the day in Burlington, you are hooked, and realize you must come here. What you don’t realize is the tour you just took was like a college brochure, it only showed you the smiling, perfect side of the school, but like all schools, UVM has a dark side.

The on-going façade

While everyone gives off the vibe they are laid back “hippies”, who smoke pot all day, and love everyone, this is just a façade every single student here is giving off. Wearing flowy, “boho” clothing, beaded jewelry, nose piercing, big patterned purse and having messy hair does not make somebody a ‘hippie’, but that is what the dress code for most girls here is. For males, if you don’t long board, wear sunglasses even in cloudy weather, and wear a winter hat year round, you will not fit in. That is how the whole façade comes into play, because if you follow the dress code, these laid-back hippies will love you, thus you will love them too, and think you are all hippies. However, if you do not abide by the dress code, the respect and friendliness you’d expect from these hippies will probably not happen. Most of the student body has on a front that they are extremely easy-going and all individuals, but the reality of it is the opposite. How ironic.

To do list: Weekdays, sit around. Weekends get smashed.

Every college has parties, that is a given, and most college students drink. But here at UVM, it is taken to an extreme because with the amount these kids drink; Alcoholics anonymous looks probable in the near future. Literally, most kids on weekdays have the routine of waking up, walking to class, sit around lazily for a while (video games, internet, etc), do work, then do it all over again the next day. Some will shake things up and add smoke a bowl in there somewhere, or maybe occasionally a visit to the 2nd rate gym located in the farthest place possible from 90% of the student body, but for the most part, that is the weekday routine. Similarly enough, the weekend routine isn’t anymore exciting than the weekday fun. Friday’s consist of waiting around after class, pre-gaming in your room, then walking downtown in the freezing cold to a party that you pay 5$ for a cup, then not get any alcohol because everyone already drank it. If you aren’t already smashed walking downtown, don’t expect much from most parties you’ll find because usually all the beer is gone before. Then Saturday mornings start at usually 1pm because that is when everybody wakes up. Most students will sit around all day Saturday, and then do the same routine as the previous night. If you come to UVM straight-edge, and expect to either stay that way, or only “do it a little”, you are just kidding yourself because if you do not participate in this weekend life, you’ll probably just sit in your room by yourself and creep on facebook for a couple hours.

“The academics are great, UVM is a public ivy!”

Who decided what schools can be considered “public ivies”, or not? In my opinion, this term is a joke. Sure, some would consider UVM a public ivy, but only for about 10% of all of the majors. If you are doing anything other that isn’t environmental science related, or pre-med, the programs here are not very public ivy. Many friends of mine here have totally different majors, and the workload they get is laughable. I look at the workload of friends from other schools, and cringe because compared to their workload; UVM’s workload is a joke. Most of the assignments are exactly like high school assignments, busy work, can easily be breezed through, and usually the effort you can put in is minimal. The class sizes are huge, and not only freshman classes. I know many juniors who are still in classes that have over 150 students. Most majors here will have large class sizes, unless you are in a field that nobody here cares about. With what you pay, and the job you’ll probably be getting with a UVM degree, the amount probably wont balance out, so in theory a lot of money was just thrown down the tubes.

Way too expensive for what you get

There are a lot of in-state students that go to UVM, but there are just as many (if not more) out-of-state students. These students consist of Caucasian, upper-middle class/rich, spoiled “hippies” from either Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut that want to go to school to smoke a lot of pot, and drink a lot. So basically in brief, they want to waste all of their parents money because UVM is not cheap. Some people do get financial aid, but there isn’t much given to most students. For what you get at UVM, you could get the same thing at any of the other public schools in other states. UVM is the most expensive public schools in the country, but ask yourself, what do you get here that you wouldn’t get anywhere else for half the price? Sure, they put the tuition to good use with free laundry, many free services, and new buildings, but are all of these even necessary? Half of the services and new buildings, a lot of students don’t even use or take advantage of. Plus, you will get so many hidden fees due to the rule where if somebody in your building or floor breaks something, you will get charged. Actually, your parents will get charged when every drunk person breaks a door handle or decides to destroy common room furniture. I’ve been already billed 100$ for damages, and most of these charges I wasn’t even aware of. So if out-of-state students want to pay and arm and a leg to come to UVM, then go ahead, but there isn’t anything you couldn’t get at a cheaper school.

To sum it all up

If you want a school where almost all of the student body is exactly the same, the academics are for the most part 2nd rate, and at a ridiculously expensive price, come to UVM. They will most likely accept you because they accept almost anyone because they want your money. Everything at UVM is overpriced, including the food, gym memberships, bookstore, and the school in-general. I would not come here if you are a fun-loving, well-rounded, individual, intellectual who likes to have conversations that aren’t only about sex, drugs, alcohol, and snowboarding/skiing. UVM is probably one of the worst colleges because they practically trick you into coming here with its beautiful location, and the façade every student here embraces.