If you are looking for a lifelong experience of leadership, innovation, cultural exchange, social generosity, and never-ending curiosity, the University of Redlands is the right place to start. As a private institution founded in 1907, this California College is committed to providing its students with the best possible environment for learning and developing academic, personal, and social skills that will last a lifetime.

Enhancing its independent Liberal Arts philosophy, it offers over 42 undergraduate programs, ranging from Accounting and Art History, through Premed and Women’s & Gender Studies. Students are also encouraged to create their own majors. The College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Music, the School of Business, and the School of Education offer Graduate programs as well.

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as an A+ School and Best Value among the top 10 western regional universities, and with 79% of its Faculty members having completed their PhD’s, Redlands promises a quality education that is further emphasized through the dynamic interaction of small classes with around 19 students.

Furthermore, the University of Redlands provides Business Certificates and Workshop opportunities for working professionals in Finance, Health Administration, Human Resources, Global Business, Information Systems, and other careers.

Review of Redlands UniversityThis University recognizes the value of innovation in an ever-changing world, and is thus committed to facilitating opportunities for students and faculty to conduct research experiments both inside and outside the classroom. Investigative work is done in compliance and cooperation between student and teacher, in subjects as varied as Anthropology or Physics. Its mission is to provide its community with the tools necessary to thrive and succeed in life, and to surpass the people around them by seizing opportunities.

One such opportunity is the chance to study abroad, and option more than 49% of its students choose to embark upon. Study abroad programs enrich student’s lives by allowing them to become citizens of the world. University of Redlands students can also embrace a cultural worldview rich in diversity and cultural exchange in their very campus, where around 43 states and 11 countries are represented.

Social life is vibrant, with over 100 activities, clubs, and organizations for all types of interests and preferences. Students are welcome to join any of the 10 Greek organizations, any of the student media outlets, such as the newspaper or the radio station, and the any of the 21 NCAA Division III sports teams. Intramural sports and music ensembles are very popular, as are the Student Centers such as the International Student Center. More than half the students live in the university’s residence halls. With so much to do on campus, people always find ways to socialize and help others, especially with the University’s approach into Community Service and Social Responsibility. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities, and the University itself does so with a special Disability Services program.

Strategically located in Redlands, California, halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, you will never run out of choices to fill your free time by visiting its beautiful beaches, its Lake Ski Areas, Disneyland and Sea World, Las Vegas, and so many other close locations, as well as attending famous festivals and feasts, such as the Feast of the Lights and the YMCA Home Tour.