Applying For Christian Scholarships

Preparing for college seems like a never-ending process. There’s the constant pressure to keep your grades up and participate in extracurricular, leadership activities, and that’s all before you even start choosing schools and...

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College For The Price of a Phone Plan?

The ongoing recession has many laid-off and underemployed workers considering getting another degree or new training in another field. But the continually increasing cost of tuition, combined with financial responsibilities in...

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College For $99 – A Review

If you were told that you could enroll in as many college classes as you could while paying a flat fee of $99 per month, you’d probably dismiss the thought as an outlandish claim, or possibly a scam. $99 a month is...

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Finding College Scholarships

Financing your college education can be a daunting endeavor. Private schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year, leaving many over $100,000 in debt after four years in college. Even public schools are raising their...

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Starting Online Classes?

Starting Online Classes? No Better Time to Finally Start Working Out! One of the things most new online students notice right away about online classes is the amount of flexibility they now have in their schedules and the...

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8 Weird College Majors

Going to college can be an exciting time, but what will you do with your degree when your college days are done? If you major in one of the eight areas listed below, you might have a few issues getting a “normal” job...

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