Online learning and online degrees are no longer viewed as a lesser credential in the professional world. On the contrary, many employers in specific areas of industry seek employees with specific skills that online learning promotes. Many attributes online learning and online learners present are some of the most valuable qualities an employee can possess in today’s professional atmosphere. This being said, there are numerous job opportunities available to online degree holders in today’s market.

Though the job market continues to be a challenging and turbulent environment for job-hopefuls, there are endless areas that an online learner can contribute to if the position is available. For employers, it is not so much the type of degree a candidate obtains, but rather what characteristics and traits a candidate demonstrates with (and because of) that degree. These three traits fostered in the online classroom are highly desired within the professional world today.

Strong Written Communication Skills

The ability to effectively communicate with all different types of personalities and in all different forms is one of the most essential skills any employee (or individual) can possess and master. Because online learning takes place in a non-traditional setting, students must learn to communicate with their classmates and professors in new and different forms. Most communication is done through email or online chat. So, these students become masters of written communication.

While face-to-face discussion and expression is no doubt essential in the professional world, written communication is something many people seem to struggle with as professional adults. Students coming from an online background are comfortable with written forms of expression in a professional manner. Being able to accurately and effectively express your concerns, needs, thoughts, ideas, and questions through writing is paramount in any area of industry. Many employers recognize that online learners are more familiar and therefore (typically) more comfortable with written expression.

Self-Motivation and Discipline

Online learning skills Another attribute of online learning is a certain level of self-determination and motivation that is highly regarded in any professional setting. Employees who are capable of motivating themselves to complete their work to the best of their ability can be difficult to come by. Moreover, finding individuals with the self-discipline to complete a project or assignment that is challenging, new, or unsupervised can be difficult.

Many of the students who enter online programs are those that are also working full or part time, maintaining a family, or participating in some other personal activity that requires their time and attention. These students display a tremendous capacity for self-motivation and determination, managing several aspects of adult life while also maintaining their academic lives. Online learning is a fairly individual endeavor, encourages students to complete assignments on their own time and in their own way. Online learning fosters independence and confidence in students that is a welcomed asset in the professional world after they graduate.

Comfortable with all forms of Modern Technology

While this trait may seem rather obvious and inconsequential, an aptitude with new forms of technology is extraordinarily important in the professional world. Online students are exposed to many different forms of new technology, including programs, devices, and methods. This knowledge can be extremely useful and sought after in the professional arena. However, even more so, having a level of comfort with new forms of technology is even more valuable. Even if an individual has never seen or used some new form of technology, if they were online learners they are likely comfortable with trying and learning new forms of technology without too much hesitation.

This confidence and ability to learn new things is very desirable in today’s working world. Furthermore, students from an online learning background have a significant level of comfort with online work (obviously). They are able to quickly and easily navigate the web for the things they need. Use of the web and web technology will only continue to grow throughout all areas of industry. For this reason, online learners possess essential traits concerning technology and ways of thinking for the world today.