Starting Online Classes? No Better Time to Finally Start Working Out!

One of the things most new online students notice right away about online classes is the amount of flexibility they now have in their schedules and the new-found freedom they feel as a result. The only problem with this sense of freedom is the fact that the rest of our responsibilities have not actually gone away. In fact, despite the flexibility in schedule, online classes will take up just as much time as traditional courses, and many students end up neglecting other areas in their lives to compensate. One of the things that most quickly gets tossed aside is working out. However, sticking to your fitness schedule is not only imperative for your health and happiness, it can fit in perfectly with an online course.

Since you have to monitor your own progress as an online student, it would be wise to create a schedule so you don’t fall behind. Why not work exercise into it? Write down all of your daily time commitments in a list form. Using a planner, schedule in any responsibilities that must be done at particular times, such as logging in to scheduled chat times for a class, or going to work. This will allow you to see what kind of free time you have available. Now, make a second list of responsibilities that need to get done, but not at a scheduled time. Include working out in that list. When you have listed everything you can think of, look at your planner and see what your schedule looks like so far. Figure out the times you would most like to do the things on your second list, and schedule those activities into your planner. Now that you have a schedule set up, make sure to stick with it. Once you are able to get used to it, it will begin to feel like second nature and you will get things done without even realizing.

When you’re figuring out when to work out and when to study, remember that, since your coursework is online, you can study anywhere and at any time. There is no reason not to combine the two. Seek out gyms with internet availability and watch your lectures during stretching or cardio. You can also simply download the audio file of the lecture and import it onto a CD or MP3 player. This way, you can listen to your lectures at any point in your workout. Since you just combined two tasks into one, use the time you saved to take a leisurely swim or sit in the whirlpool after your workout.

The most important thing in creating a schedule like this, however, is being honest with yourself about your true fitness nature. Don’t buy an expensive gym membership if you’ve never had one before and can’t guarantee that you’ll actually make it there. Try out a month trial first to make sure that this type of work out is for you. Maybe a gym membership is out of your price range, or just not the right atmosphere for you. As an online student, you can find time to study and work out anywhere. A nice method is to use study breaks for quick workouts. If you would rather work out at home, this would be perfect because you will most likely be studying at home as well. Try buying some yoga DVDs and do 30-minute sections to recharge during study breaks. You can also buy a yoga mat and free weights and do stretching, sit ups, or light lifting as quick breaks. If you stick to it, you will see results, even doing small things.

Regardless of what type of fitness regimen will work best for you, there is no better time than starting online classes to get into an exercise routine. Not only will you feel more refreshed and toned, you will heighten your ability to learn.

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