Before deciding to take online classes be sure you understand the potential pitfalls in an online education. There are a lot of advantages to pursuing a distance education, but it can be more expensive if you aren’t careful, and you might end up stuck with worthless college credits, or worse – a college degree that you can’t use.

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You need a college degree. You probably already know that, but you may not realize how cheap and easy it can be to get your college degree online. For a free brochure, click on your state and select a school or program to have the information sent to you. It’s free and easy – then you can decide what’s right for you. Still not convinced? Let’s review some facts:

• Unemployment is out of control and not getting better any time soon. However…
Only 4% of college educated workers are unemployed.
• More than 600,000 new college graduates found jobs this year.

In these tough economic times, employers can pick and choose who they want to hire, and if you don’t have a degree you’re less likely to get a job. However, even in these tough times, jobs are becoming available for one group of people – those with college degrees. While unemployment is still high, many industries are actually hiring enough college educated workers to absorb the new college graduates plus a few more.

The Case for Distance Education

Have you already lost your job? If you were to lose the job you have now, could you find another one quickly? The numbers don’t lie – probably not. No matter what your age or current job situation is, you can go back to school and quickly earn your own college degree. You don’t have to live on campus, or deal with college kids in person – you can earn you degree completely online.

In the past, if you hoped to graduate with a college degree, you had to have the funds available when you registered. You needed to be free during the day to attend classes on campus. You needed hours to study and network.

Not anymore.

College Sucks - But It Can Be Better

Now, you can register with any number of online colleges to get started in the sort of degree plan that can reshape your life, your future and your financial safety net. Wondering just how easy it is to earn a degree?

• You can earn a degree without ever leaving home.

• Classes are all online, and you have access to all materials over your computer.

• Courses are taught by professors and instructors who understand your need to balance online classes with your work and home life.

• In many cases, classes are accelerated so that you attend school year-round and finish a four-year degree in less than two.

• You can arrange student loans with ridiculously low interest rates to cover the cost of the degree completely.

• Your employer might even pay you to go back to school so that you can move into a better spot in your own company.

If college was something you were putting off or a pathway that just didn’t interest you before, now is the time to reconsider.

Too Old for Online Classes?

If you’re already dismissing an online college because you think you’re too old for there to be much value for you, consider that people are retiring later and later. Even if you’re in your forties now, you might be looking at up to twenty-five more years of work before you can comfortably retire. Do you really want to spend those years stuck in the same job being passed up by increasingly younger bosses year after year? Wouldn’t you rather be the boss or have a career that pays you what you’re actually worth?

Online College – The Perfect Solution

Thanks to online education, you can now earn a degree while you stay home with your family giving you the option to rejoin the workforce at a higher level (and higher pay)! You can easily use online education in the evenings to further your own career without taking any time away from work – a perfect solution for a better position in a new company without missing a paycheck.

Online education is the perfect answer to the cruel reality facing many workers today. A high school diploma is no longer good enough if you want to feel safe in your career or to get started in a different career. It’s time you search for an online degree to guarantee the future you want.

Ever since the Internet and advancing technology took the next step to bridging people and making the world seem a lot smaller and more accessible, colleges and universities have also found a way to use this to their advantage and bring education to more people.

Though education and a degree gives a competitive and necessary edge for job hunting, more people are opting out of a university experience and pursuing a career that fits their lifestyle and talents. This brings about one of two things—the first of which is having lower enrollment cases. Another effect is that those who already have jobs, not necessarily their dream jobs or careers that they are certified for, do not find the necessity of enrolling in a university just to get a degree. These working employees cannot find the time to spare from working odd jobs to still attend a campus-based class.

However, with the explosion of distance education, more people are seeing another option that can propel their dreams of getting an education or furthering their careers with higher levels of learning.

What exactly is distance education?

Distance education, sometimes also known as distance learning, is a method of teaching higher, university-level education to students without the need to attend class in a campus or interact face-to-face with a teacher.

Most people are interested in distance education as a means to getting a degree or certificate in their field of study. However, if you’re just interested in learning for the sake of learning, MIT puts all of their lectures online for free. MIT is widely regarded as one of the greatest educational institutions in the world, so if you’re willing to follow along you can learn a tremendous amount on your subject of choice for no cost. Here is one example of a course on Computer Systems:

Now that may be over your head, and that’s alright because it’s over most people’s head, but it illustrates the type of learning you can receive online if you know where to look.

With the use of the Internet and other electronic and online teaching forms of correspondence and teaching methods such as videotapes, web chat, group web chats, CD-ROMs, downloadable book resources, and the like, students can receive training over the Internet without leaving their home.

In a sense, distance education takes the classroom style of teaching and learning to the next level—over the Internet. So even if you are living in a country in Asia and would want to apply to a course in criminology in a school in New York, it can be possible, and you would not even have to worry about staying in a different place in the duration of your education.

Now, even those who may not have the opportunity to become full-time students or those who may not have the funds to get an education while also worrying about travel expenses, can enjoy a degree through online teaching with a professor from a certified distance education school. However, this does not mean that you can make light of the kind of online teaching that distance education offers its students, because the quality is the same as those in a campus-based university.

Students 101: What you will need for distance education

Since distance education is all about the privilege of having a flexible schedule for attending online teaching classes, most people assume that it requires lesser efforts than when studying in an actual university while attending classes.

In reality, universities that are offering distance education usually have a campus-based university setting counterpart, from which modules and teaching methods are adopted from. A student who wants to avail of distance education should be ready to spend more time studying alone, since a flexible schedule means that you hold your time, and can choose to not interact with your teacher if you feel like you can handle the workload and studying by yourself.

Equipment and resources such as videotaped lectures, outsourced reading materials, and the like cannot be effective if the student himself is not able to focus on studying and turn out quality output.

Another belief when it comes to distance education is that it is the more affordable choice when one decides to go back to university. While there are scholarships and federal aid that acknowledge distance education for financial aid, some colleges that provide distance education are among the top of the line, meaning that the prices for courses and education is similar or close to their university-based counterparts.

The main monetary advantage of those taking distance education courses is that they do save a significant amount on travel expenses or boarding accommodations, since you will be working from the comforts of your home.

Popular distance education courses

Choosing distance education should not only depend on the convenience that it poses for the student. The most important factor that one should consider when choosing which type of university—online or otherwise—that they will apply to is the course that they would want to take.

Degrees and courses in business finance, financial accounting, criminology, commerce, and journalism are among the top choices for distance education students. A good tip to remember is that it would work better if the course that you get can be easily accomplished without necessary face-to-face interaction or regular teaching sessions with the teacher. Since distance education dictates that the student know how to work independently, you have to ensure that you can handle it.

When it comes to accreditation and a distance education degree’s worth in the job market, students would be pleased to know that several employers of companies and big corporations have acknowledged the legitimacy of a degree earned via online teaching.

Distance education has proven itself to have the same quality as a traditional education, especially since teachers are required to treat each query via email or web chat to be similar to how they would respond to a question in the classroom. Even with this unconventional teaching method, distance education schools ensure professionalism above all else.

Universities that offer distance education

There are several universities that offer distance education including courses in arts, science, philosophy, business finance, and engineering. Use our search widget or map above to find a program and school that suits you.

A good thing to remember is that some distance education schools offer a combination of occasional face-to-face teaching methods along with online teaching, to ensure that the student will still have guidance and an alternative to the normal education for distance schools.

Once you get your certification, you can start applying for the jobs for which your degree would be suited for.

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