As high school seniors approach graduation, their mind is flooded with thoughts about the future. Most of these thoughts wander about what major and career to pursue. With such an evolving world, the options are limitless, and new careers open almost daily all around the world. However, many students are underestimating the power of education in business.

Today, physical distances are being eliminated through international commerce. Business is the language that unites and connects the world. Even if a student is passionate in literature, chemistry, or even quantum physics, it is imperative for him/her to learn how the business world develops. Every single organization seeks to work profitably, be efficient, and leave a positive mark in society. A good business school can offer not only theoretical practices, but develop an entrepreneurial mindset that can enable a human being in a path of professional success.

With the integration of more developing economies in the world, the U.S. industries have become dependent on their business relationships around the world. A great example is China, this economic power house is set to be the number one economy in the next 5 years. What are their children studying? Business.


business school at redlands universityWhat makes a business degree so unique is that it can be adapted to almost any industry or environment. In some instances, a business degree is not only considered as a plus, but is becoming a standard that the best employers expect from new professionals.

In some terms then, a business degree maybe considered the foundation, or basics from which a person can develop his/her career into a promising future. Even if a student is not interested in entering the business world per se, a student will spend, earn, and have to learn how to manage his/her personal finances, learn how to reach professional and economic success, and understand the concepts that define the organization or company they will work for. The theory of economics, marketing, accounting, and finance are all over, they are in every coffee we drink, or every movie ticket we purchase, and it would be unwise to ignore how the engine of the world’s economy works, and how a college student help that engine keep on moving.

Furthermore, every American citizen has felt the effects of the economic crisis that exploded on 2008, and most have seen unemployment rise heavily. Many students have trouble even being able to afford textbooks for college. Therefore, it is no surprise that those who were backed up by a business degree, were more able to rebuild their careers. In other words, adaptability is a key requirement to survive in today’s ever changing world.  Regardless if a student’s interest is in law school, med school, or even art, learning skills on management, group work, and human resources is vital to become a successful professional.

Learning about Leadership:

Every major organization, from Apple to J.P. Morgan has been the result of years of organizational leadership, employed by few, special business masters. Many students feel skeptical about a business degree because they worry that a business career is just for an office worker. However, a complete business program usually offers opportunities to develop Leadership skills like no other program. As business professionals, people need to understand the value of motivation and empowerment and how leadership can define a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, leadership comes not only from one person, but from a group of persons, which a business degree may enable a student to understand.

The power of Networking:

As a professional, it is important to learn how to sell yourself, to know what sets you apart from the rest and know how to show that uniqueness and get rewarded for that. A common expression in the business world: “It’s not what you know, but who you know” reflects the importance of networking. Most business graduates find jobs through networking through their school’s staff and classmates. As students immerse themselves into the real world, they will realize that more and more, the environment of people in which they live, work, and socialize will define the type of lifestyle they desire. By studying business in a proper school, students can start shaping and have more control of their professional environment.

Earning a Business Degree Online:

A business degree is not only for the high school graduate, many adults are finding out how important it is to understand the business world to advance in their careers professionally. Therefore many Universities offer their business programs online, and make it easier to finish their courses with free essays. These programs are often more flexible than the on campus ones, and can be completed in different cycles, depending on the school. Also, an online degree is usually cheaper, while maintaining the level of involvement in class, and closeness to the educator. Technology also makes it easier and more effective to earn a business degree online without leaving networking behind, most online programs enable students and teachers to share and contribute with ideas, thoughts or opinions.