Everyone knows that college, though expensive, is a wise investment in the future. For that reason, many military service members and veterans are smart to take advantage of their educational benefits through the VA. Unfortunately, these military men and women do not just get everything paid for; instead, they need to fill out the proper documents and take steps to become informed of precisely what financial and tuition benefits they are eligible for.

Yellow Ribbon

In addition to the responsibilities that service members and veterans must fulfill to access their educational benefits, some schools do not work with the military as well as others, meaning that students should check their school for the image of the yellow ribbon that signifies a school has entered into voluntary agreement with the military to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program means that schools whose tuition charges exceed what the VA benefits payout will actually contribute part of the overage of tuition, and the VA will match that percentage.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is a member of the Yellow Ribbon program, ensuring it receives benefits for students who qualify for VA Benefits under the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. As a Yellow Ribbon program member seeking to reward service members with a top education, Colorado Technical University serves a large population of military students.

Online Education

Colorado Technical University offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs; additionally, it is comprised of as many as five campuses and maintains a Virtual Campus that allows students to complete many degrees completely online.

Service members benefit from online education for a number of reasons. First, the most obvious benefit that online education offers is the ability to access a virtual classroom from anywhere in the world. In addition, because military students move around a lot, it would be difficult or nearly impossible for many to complete a four-year degree at one location on campus. Prior to the existence of completely online programs, schools would receive applications from military students who needed to transfer to multiple universities in an effort to finish their education. Online education helps make that degree a reality for thousands who might have had to give up on it before.

For active duty military members, the flexibility of online classrooms make it possible for them to complete work while deployed. Similarly, veterans who wish to be near family or begin civilian jobs recognize that online education still gives them a platform for earning their degree without disrupting or stopping their lives again to go back to school.

Online Education and VA Benefits

Post 911 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon ProgramVA Benefits differ depending on what chapter a service member or veteran is eligible for. And in 2011 the GI Bill underwent reforms that significantly changed the amount of living stipend online students who qualified for the Post-9/11 GI Bill will be given. Formerly, students had to take at least one course of their course load in an on-campus format in order to receive a living stipend. This caused a lot of frustration for students who were in entirely online programs because it excluded them from receiving all of the benefits of an online education and required them to sign up for an on campus course in order to access their full benefits. Recognizing that this was creating a problem and that veterans needed more options, the VA changed some of its requirements.

The updated version allows eligible veterans who take all of their classes online to receive up to half of the national average living stipend. This is great news for Colorado Technical University students, many of whom will be dropping their on-campus course and going back to a completely online degree. Many students find the convenience of an online program to be worth half of a living stipend.

Because of the changes, Colorado Technical University is proud to offer its military students full access to the GI Bill benefits in addition to a top education. Students who think they might be eligible to receive educational benefits should definitely check with their VA representative and submit any forms required to access those benefits and get their education started.