Returning from my 3rd tour in Iraq, I was a veteran looking to settle down and finally get a degree in something I enjoy; which is networking, more specifically, computer system networking. I wasn’t sure where or even which Universities offered degrees in computer system networking. Having a friend in the same business, I asked him where he obtained his degree. He recommended me to Walden University. He told me they were one of many universities offering an online school which essentially allows one to earn a degree without physically attending the university; instead, one can use his computer to earn the degree. He mentioned that the main difference between Walden University and other universities offering a distance education program is that most of the degrees earned at Walden were recognized at a national level; while often times, degrees earned at other online schools were not recognized at a national level potentially making employment hard to find.

Anyways, I decided to check out Walden University and see what this whole “distance education” and “online school” thing was about. The first thing I noticed was the fact that Walden University offered multiple degrees in business, science, health, and technology. I went over to the technology degrees and noticed that they offered many different specialized degrees in computer system networking. I decided to request more information regarding a degree in computer systems networking and security.

Walden provided all I needed to know and more. I was surprised at how competitively priced their tuition was. On top of that, I also learned that I was eligible for a 10% discount from my tuition since I was a veteran. I decided to enroll and start earning my Bachelor’s in computer systems networking and security. All I can say is that the online school gave me a much more flexible schedule and I didn’t need to travel back and forth to my campus each day. I also found the program very interactive, albeit I did it through my computer. My professors were always there to help me, and I was never left alone without answers, which is something feared by enrolling in their distance education program.

Fast forward four years, and I am now proudly graduated and am earning an awesome salary being hired by both the government and private companies to protect and maintain a secure computer network. I couldn’t ask for more, I’m doing something I love and earning a living doing it! The best thing to do is request a free informational package from Walden University. You’ll get all the specifics and learn about all the degrees they offer. (Review submitted by Jon Rajala)

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