The University of Phoenix is one of the first and also one of the biggest universities to offer a distance education, which essentially means you can earn a degree via an online school. Online universities are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Being a University of Phoenix graduate myself, I can honestly say that a distance education is a great way to obtain an education if you have other commitments that won’t allow you to go back to school full time. I even recommend Phoenix University to those who are wishing to go back to school full time.

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Anyways, before I get to ahead of myself, let me explain my full experience with The University of Phoenix. I work in the nursing industry which means I did go to a brick a mortar college before attending Phoenix University. Long story short, I was only one thing short of receiving a big pay raise; I needed a Master’s of Science in Nursing. Since I couldn’t simply quit my job as a nurse and commit myself to a university, I decided to search around about online schools. Luckily I found Phoenix University and I was able to achieve my Master’s in 24 months and get a nice big pay raise.

So, why exactly do I recommend Phoenix University over a traditional brick and mortar school? For one, like already mentioned, I wasn’t able to simply put my job on hold to go back to a school, with their distance education program, Phoenix University let me work during the weekdays and study during the evenings and weekends. Phoenix University molded their schedule to fit mine. Second, the professors at Phoenix University are extremely helpful and easy to talk too, whenever I was unsure about something I could easily contact them and they would commit their time to helping me; I actually found the professors to be much more helpful and personal than professors at my original university.

And if you need some one-on-one help, there are over 200 campuses worldwide, so chances are there’s one in your area. Phoenix University was also very helpful from day one, even before you enroll! I got my start by requesting free information from them and they custom tailored everything to my needs and gladly explained course requirements etc. My financial managers were also VERY helpful and helped me build a payment plan that suited me; and I found tuition fees to be quite cheap, and on top of that, since everything was online, I didn’t have to pay for textbooks!

Personally, I’d even recommend Phoenix University to those who are looking to earn their first degree. The University of Phoenix makes traditional education boring and repetitive, and you can earn multiple degrees, in business, education, technology, nursing, humanities, and sciences. They’re one of the most established in the online school world, and can provide degrees in more than one or two fields. Overall, the best thing to do would be to request the free informational package and see what The University of Phoenix can personally do for you. The informational package is 100% free and it is the best way to see exactly what degrees, payment plans, and tuition fees The University of Phoenix offers. (Review submitted by Janek Stanczak)

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