Being 19 years old, I was eager to go to school and obtain my degree in sales and marketing, but I kept on procrastinating. I had a nice, high paying construction job due to a project in my city; but, I knew it wouldn’t last forever and I would most likely lose my job in the next six months when the project wrapped up. So, I told myself after the project finishes, but next thing I knew, I was telling myself that business school was too expensive, and that I’d get another job, save up, and go to school next semester. I always had some type of excuse. This continued for almost one whole year, until one day, I saw a commercial for DeVry University.

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DeVry University caught my attention because they offered something called a “distance education” which is essentially an online school. I decided to check out their site and see what exactly they offered. To my surprise, they offered multiple Business Degrees that could be completed via their online school. They also offered various degrees in computers, electronics and networking, and the vast majority were also able to be completed via their distance education. I decided to request some more information since at this point I was quite interested as I noticed that they offered a degree in sales and marketing.

When I got my information back I was quite surprised and impressed at a few things. At first I was surprised at how low their tuition was; it was quite a bit lower than other universities that I had checked out previously. Also, I learned more about distance education programs – for instance, DeVry University essentially let you set your own schedule; you basically chose when and how often you had classes. It meant that one could get a Bachelor’s degree in three years instead of the standard four years; or one could take classes only part time and get a Bachelor’s degree in five or six years. This was perfect for me as I wanted to keep my part time job, spend time with friends and family, and still go to school. DeVry University’s distance education program seemed perfect for me, so I decided to enroll.

So, how was my experience? In one word, it was awesome and dare I even say fun! At first I was somewhat skeptical about the whole online school thing. I was worried that it wouldn’t provide as much value as a traditional school. But of course, I was wrong. I actually found the online school fun and interactive. It was easy to communicate with the professor and other students. In fact, I liked the distance education program so much I decided to attend it full time instead of my originally planned part time. And in three and a half years I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing and am now employed with a private marketing firm. I now use my creativity to create unique and interesting marketing campaigns.

Overall, I strongly recommend DeVry University and have nothing but good things to say about them. The best way to find out more information about what degrees they offer, tuition fees, and enrollment requirements is to request a free information package. It’s 100% free and boy, am I glad that I requested it! (Review submitted by Eric Goulian)

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