As the demand for higher education continues to increase, attending a distance education course is a great option for working students. Distance education classes allows working students to attend a class when convenient for them, access the instructor more frequently, and interact with classmates.

Because students of online classes may access them at any time day or night, scheduling time to attend class around work and familial obligations is easy. Hybrid classes, courses in which half of the course material is offered via distance, reduces the number of hours students need to be on campus. Compressed video classes, commonly called CVN courses, allow students to attend a course on a local campus despite the instructor being miles or even states away. And unless required by the college, you don’t even need to live on campus.

Accessing the instructor in a distance education class can also be easier. Many instructors offer online office hours for their students. Using e-mail or a course management system, students can e-mail, post questions to a student discussion board, read other students reviews of the classes, or chat with their instructors. Other instructors take time to be available during evenings when busy students have the most time. Some are available on campus while others utilize cell phones or e-mail.

Distance EducationInteracting with students in a distance education course is often more flexible for the working student. Particularly in online classes, students can visit with each other via e-mail, discussion board, or chat and get help with homework. Because online instructors tend to act more as facilitators instead of lecturers, student interaction is even more useful. Questions about assignments and content can be answered in minutes by the many available students. Hybrid and CVN classmates also commonly connect with each other via technology.

With the economy as volatile as it is, the demand for workers with higher education is increasing. It may not be easy to pay for college, but no longer is getting a college degree limited to those who have mornings and early afternoons free to schedule classes. Even the working man with a family and a full-time job has the opportunity to pursue an education.

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