Young freshmen college students learn very quickly that studying in college or in online bachelor degree programs is very different from high school studying. Essays and exams replace high school work sheets and tests. The student must rely on their notes to make the grade. Good note taking skills is an absolute must in college. Develop a form of short hand in high school. This note taking skill would help every student study in college.

Students new to college should also plan on finding a tutor for more difficult classes. The tutor will help the student understand how they need to study in order to be successful in college. Here are some college study tips:

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  • Class schedule: Do not over schedule yourself your first year. It will be a disaster for you. Try not to schedule back to back classes. This will give you time before and after, to study.
  • Study time: It is very important that you do the majority of your college studies during the day. You get twice as much work done during the day when you are fresh. It is also very important that you try and study the same way each day. Each class should have a study habit. You should study for that class the same time every day. Study for your harder classes early in the day. Maximize your time to study. Try and make time to review and study before and after each class. After each class you should consolidate your notes. Fill in the gaps while the class is still fresh in your mind.
  • Note Taking: Your notes are the most important study item you have. If something is important enough for a professor to say in class it should be in your notes. Work hard to increase your note taking skills. You should review your notes before and after every class.
  • Study Groups and Tutors: You should utilize both group study and tutors to help you make the best grade possible. Remember, your test scores make up the majority of your grade. Using study groups gives you the benefit of the notes everyone else has taken. This fact is huge for you. You can fill in the gaps that you missed. This is what study groups do for you. A good study group can mean the difference in passing or failing.
  • Place to Study: It is often impossible to make your way back to your domicile to study. You need to find a quiet place you can study before your next class. This may be the library or a quiet bench on campus. Use what works for you. Make it a habit. It is a good idea to study in the same place every day. This will often mean you will study for different classes in different places. That is alright – just establish a habit for yourself.
  • Discipline: This is the hardest thing for young college students to learn. You must discipline yourself to study. You no longer have anyone that is going to make you study. You are on your own. You must provide the determination and drive to study on your own. This is certainly one of the most important keys to your being successful in college. Very few high school students are self disciplined when it comes to studying.
  • Studying at Night: Do anything you can to get your college studying done during the day. It takes twice as long to study the same material at night. Studies have shown that you do not retain as much information at night. Your mind and body are tired at night. No matter when you study you should take a five to ten minute break for every fifty minutes of study. This is important. Drink fluids and eat food that is good for you. Eating fruits and vegetables can actually help you study better.

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