During the college degree search process, many of the things to look for are very subjective. There are many factors when assessing which College may be right for you. High school students need to seriously start thinking about their choices for College when they are freshmen. Some reasons students should start looking for the right College early are:

  • Requirements: It is important to find out what the acceptance requirements are for the colleges that you may be interested in attending. If you plan on applying for scholarships or grants, it is important to find out about their requirements as well.
  • Tuition: Students should compare the cost of schools that they are interested in attending. Remember to factor in room and board and cost of textbooks. Students need to think about the cost of college. Tuitions are rising and most students will have to obtain student loans to finish or attend college.
  • Major: Students should think about what type of degree they may want to achieve. College degree programs are different from College to College. You may need to go to a school offering special studies. An example might be medical or engineering degrees.

Prospective College students also need to decide if they want to attend a Community College or start off at a four year College such as a Univeristy. There is a huge debate about this subject. Some things to consider about attending a Community College:

  • Cost: Tuition costs are rising at an alarming rate. The cost of attending a Community College is significantly lower than at a Univeristy or other four year College.
  • Logistics: Students can often find a Community College in their local geographical area. Students can often save costs by living at home while attending classes at a Community College.
  • Class size: Community Colleges offer smaller class sizes. Students can generally expect to get more personalized attention at a Community College.

Many people argue that receiving a degree from a major Univeristy or four year College is much more valuable than one from a Community College. Think about this though – the first two years of college are consumed mostly by General Electives. These GE courses are prerequisite courses that everyone has to take no matter what College they attend. There is no advantage in taking these courses at a major College over a Community College. Students can transfer to a major College after their sophomore year and save a great deal of money, since the degree will still show that it was earned at the four year College or Univeristy.

There are many advantages to attending a Community College, at least for your first two years. The amount of money you save can pay for your last two years at a major institution.

Students should seek advice from their school counselor when they are freshmen. And of course, the Internet is also a great tool for searching out information about prospective Colleges.

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