Dealing With Professors

Dealing with college professors is a skill set that you must learn in order to be successful in college. Professors can be intimidating and stand offish. You must attempt to understand what makes your professors tick. Understanding your professors is a key element in dealing with them.

The first thing you can do is register early. Before you register you can research the professor. There is always someone who has attended the course and can provide details about the professor. If a lot of prior students had trouble with a professor, chances are you will too.

Researching information about prospective professors provides you with time to change courses and learn under a different professor. Be sure to check online resources such as this site,, and other useful sites for information on classes and professors.

There are some things to remember about professors:

  • Professors are just people. They are no different than you are. Do not make them out to be larger than they are. You should deal with your professor the same way you deal with other people. Be respectful and honest.
  • Passionate: Remember why you are there. The professor is generally passionate about the subject they are teaching. You can always find common ground with your professor. Meeting them on their terms will help you deal with them.
  • Meet them: Make it a point to meet them one and one. Even if it is just to introduce yourself. Do not be afraid to make an appointment to discuss questions you have with your professors.
  • Ask: Do not be afraid to ask questions. The only way to get information in college, is to ask. The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. Despite what you believe. the professor wants to help you succeed. That is why they are there. Use them. Some have quirks about how they deal with students. Find out what they are and follow them.

Professors are there to teach you. If you do find that you have a problem with a professor that you do not feel you can handle, you should go to your counselor. The counselor can help you deal with the professor and or change classes.

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