College Social Life

College social life is much different than high school. Once you make it to college you are on your own. You can now do as you please. There is no one there to tell you not to do something. You can drink when you want, and go to the movies when you want.

Social life too, changes in college, and this change is dramatic. The social pressures on young adults in college are enormous. It can be especially jarring for young women.

Dating is not the same in college as it was in high school. In high school you might date someone for a long time before you would get close and intimate. In college, intimacy and sexuality is prevalent from the moment you step foot on campus.

For young women this can be very disturbing. Especially, when dealing with upper classmen. Some people would advise that young freshmen women restrict their dating activities to other freshmen, since supposedly these young men are not yet corrupted by the college scene. This vast difference will become quite evident for the freshmen when they attend their first campus party.

The intimacy and the closeness and touching will make itself evident right away. Knowledge is the key to navigating these social situations. You must prepare yourself for the college social scene. You must understand that there are others just like yourself that may not want to jump head first into the scene. Do not let yourself get dragged into something you are not comfortable with.

Sex is prevalent in college. Studies show that if you live on campus there is s 90% chance you will have a sexual relationship with another student. So students must prepare themselves for the emotional toll the college social scene can have on them.

College counselors are available to help students navigate the college social scene and keep their moral compass. Never lose site of the type of person you were before college. Never compromise yourself in anyway, and make the decisions that feel right to you.

Do not let peer pressure force you to do something you do not want to do. Alcohol could be your enemy in certain social situations, so remember you should only drink in moderation.

Remember, dating in college can be a wonderful experience. The most important thing to remember is to be safe when dating in college.

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