The best way to know what online school is right for you, is to read some of the online college reviews to see what others think. With that in mind, hopefully this review of APU will help you in some way.

Current economic conditions are requiring families to do with less. Workers facing layoffs are realizing that landing a higher paying job requires a college education. Returning to school can be daunting. How are you going to fit class work in with kid’s ball games, time with spouse, and finding another job? Colleges are increasingly adding night, evening, and online courses to entice adult learners. American Public University is taking convenience to new heights.

American Public University believes that online courses should be convenient. After all, is not the point of online courses to be convenient? Too often, this is not the case. Many colleges are requiring students to login so many times per week. Some colleges require students to log in three times per week. Students are dropped for failing to meet this requirement, no matter what their GPA is. American Public University courses have only one deadline. Students are required to submit weekly assignments by midnight each Sunday. They do not require a minimum number of logins per week.

American Public University

No matter how well we plan, life happens. American Public University’s withdraw policy is written with this in mind. Enroll in a course and realize that your schedule is too tight? You can drop a course within the first week with no penalty. Students can also apply for course extensions as late as the final week of class. Professors have the power to grant extensions in thirty-day increments. If thirty days is not enough, professors can grant up to three extensions per course.

American Public University is also redefining the cost of returning to college. Cost is always a factor in returning to school. There are credit hour costs, lab fees, computer equipment, books, etc. American Public University does not charge undergraduate students for books. Yes, you read that right. They do not charge for books. This is not a scholarship or based on need. Every undergraduate student receives the free textbooks grant. Undergraduate students successfully completing courses for credit do not pay a dime for books. If you drop a course, you have six months to re-enroll in the course before paying for the books.

American Public University professors are not just academics. Personally, this was always a concern. College should prepare you for a job. College should do more than just “teach you how to think.” American Public University professors are working professionals. Every professor brings real world experience to the classroom. Allowing students to learn concepts and gain insight on applying their new skills in the real world.

Education is the key to financial stability. Our world is moving to a global marketplace. American workers are competing with workers from India, Japan, China, and almost any other country imaginable. American Public University is making it easier for adults to earn their college degree. Students are only required to meet one deadline per week. Professors have the authority to grant extensions. American Public University even saves you money by granting the cost of books for every undergraduate student. Whether you want to increase your family’s financial stability or earn a higher paying job American Public University should be on your list of potential colleges.

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