Finding college housing is the most important task a student has after being admitted to a school. The student should begin their research for housing immediately. You should consult your welcome package for housing information. Many colleges require that first year students live on campus. This is very important. It has been shown to be very beneficial for new students to live on campus. It allows students to adjust to their new environment and get used to being on their own. Check with the administration for plenty of useful college resources.

It is a big adjustment being out on your own. Living on campus does have some rewards though:

  • Social Life: Living on campus allows you to interact with other students and develop your interpersonal skills. Interacting with the opposite sex on the college level takes some getting used to. Living on campus, and often in coed dorms, can help you interact with the opposite sex.
  • Food: Living on campus gives you access to cheap, prepared food. You will learn to love the cafeteria. Food is a large portion of expenses in college. Having access to prepared food on campus is a big plus.
  • Easy campus access: It is very easy to get around when you live on campus. You do not even need a car in most cases. Students walk or ride bikes to and from class. There are also campus buses that run depending on the college you attend.
  • Activities: If you live on campus you are plugged into the social heartbeat of your college. A party can happen in a matter of hours or minutes. When you live on campus you have access to activities that are constantly happening.

Living off campus also has its perks:

  • Privacy: You have your own bathroom. You eat what you want and when you want. Most of the time, you have your own room when living off campus.
  • Freedom: You are free to live the way you want. You are your own boss.
  • Home Living: If going to a college near home, you could save money and keep your privacy. Depends on the rules of the college though, so check with the administration for more info.

Finding housing should be your number one priority. Use the local newspaper, the phone book, and student newspapers to try and find what housing is available. There are often huge houses for college students to rent, on or close to campus. Often, several students will pool their resources and rent a house. This works very well. You have social interaction and people to spend time with. You also have privacy and the ability to live the way you want to.

You first need to find out what the housing requirements are for the college you are going to attend. Then, start your housing search. The early bird truly does get the best housing. Do not wait or you will be left with housing that is less than desirable.

Do not discount dorm room housing. It is especially important in your first year. The dorm room exposes you to a wide variety of people and personalities. This experience will enrich your life and make your college experience that much better. You will be constantly bombarded with different views and opinions. There will be study groups and people that you can discuss your ideas with. There will be others to help study for tests and exams. You have to consider all the positive effects of living in a dorm. After your first year, when you are comfortable in college, you can find housing off campus. It is generally suggested that everyone should spend their first year in the dorms.

Finding college housing does not have to be hard. You can find a great place that is very affordable if you search. Start your college housing search early and you will be more likely to be successful. Find the latest job offers in the most important international organizations around the world classified by specialization and country, here are the current job vacancies.

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