Choosing a major

Choosing your major is the starting point for the rest of your life. You should not take this decision lightly. You can waste a great deal of time and money in college if you switch your major late in the game, and have to start studies over again.

You should begin to think about what you might major in while you are in high school. This decision really starts years before high school. Many people begin to form who they will be early in life when they are children. At some point in their lives they just know they want to be a doctor or a lawyer, or whatever.

This instinct should not be ignored. It implies that you are interested in that field and will probably do well. Finding a major you are interested in is half the battle.

However, many other things need to be considered other than childhood interest. Some of the things you need to think about when choosing a major are:

  • Possible Employment: You need to research what jobs are available in your major course study. The purpose of college is not just for an education, but also so you can find a good job. Finding a job should be your number one goal. A degree does not mean much if you cannot find a job after college.
  • Income: Research the income that graduates with your degree are earning. You may find that careers in your area of interest do not earn enough money for you. Income level turns out to be an extremely important factor in choosing a major.
  • Interests: What are you interested in? If you are interested in animals you should not become a lawyer. You probably will not be happy. You should look at the degrees available dealing with animals. Finding a major that interests you will mean you are much more likely to be successful. This is very important. You must weigh the income level, with your interest level. Sometimes we are willing to make less money and be happy with what we are doing.
  • Skills: What skills do you have (not like Napolean Dynamite)? Maybe you are already a very good debater. Master Debaters oftentimes make good lawyers. Evaluate the skills you have when choosing a major.
  • Academics: Can you make the grade in the major you are considering. This is important and you must be honest with yourself. If you have not done well in high school math you would not want to choose a major that is intensive in math studies. Choose a major that suits your strengths. This is very important. Not being able to make the grade in major course study is the number one reason people fail.

These are a few things you need to think about when choosing a major. Your high school counselor can help you with this decision. There are tests that you can take that will show what you are interested in, as well as assessing your aptitude. These reports can help you narrow your search when choosing a Major.

It is not imperative that you choose a major before attending a college. Your first two years of study will be pretty much the same for all Majors. There are exceptions to this rule of course. Most of the time, you are safe getting all of the prerequisite studies out of the way before choosing your major. This gives you more time to see what interests you. But if at all possible, you should endeavor to find your major before your freshmen year. This ensures you take all of the prerequisite studies necessary to that degree. It is not mandatory you choose a major before you start college though, and you can always change your major if you feel the need to. Know which college degree programs best suit you with Degreescout.

The bottom line is that you need to make the choice that is comfortable for you. Do not let someone else be the determining factor in your choice for Major. You should choose a major that works for you. Choose something you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

So what is the lesson here? Choose your major wisely.

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