899 10th Avenue

New York, NY 10019

General Information

Type: Public institution
Year Founded: 1965
Religious Affilation: None
Academic Calendar: Semester
Size of Undergraduate Student Body: 12,436
Geographical Setting: Urban


Application Fee: $65
Application Deadline: May 1
Selectivity: N/A


Tuition and Fees: $4,259 in-state, 11,059 out-of-state
Room/Board: $N/A

Student Services

Basic Services Offered: nonremedial tutoring, women’s center, placement service, day care
Remedial Services Offered: reading, math, writing, study skills
Counseling Services Offered: minority student, career, personal, academic, older student, psychological


Career Services Offered: co-op education, on-campus job interviews, internships, resume assistance, career/job search classes, interview training

Students That Enter the Job Market…

Within 6 Months of Graduation: 45%
Within 1 Year of Graduation: N/A
Within 2 Years of Graduation: 64%
Firms that Hire Most Graduates: N/A


Does the school have a library on campus? – Yes
Is it a member of a library consortia? – Yes
Number of books, serial backfiles, and other material including government documents: 247,718
Number of current serial subscriptions: 7,652
Number of microforms: 205,719
Number of audiovisuals: 0
Number of ebooks: 6,006
Other library facilities: N/A

Museums or other Special Academic Buildings on Campus: N/A


Is a computer course required? – No
Is a computer required? – No
Number of available computers for all students: 1,500
Available internet access? – Yes
Available email accounts? – Yes
Computers available in: computer center/labs, library

Number of available wired connections available in…

The Library (not including computer labs): N/A
Classrooms: 0
Labs: 0
Other areas: 0

Is there a wireless network? – Yes
Where is wireless available? – in all the libraries, in all classrooms, in administrative/faculty offices and work areas, in all school buildings and on all school property
Wireless simultaneous connection capacity: 1,800

Recommended operating system: Microsoft
Percentage of hosting units owned by college for internet access: N/A
Are students permitted to have webpages? – Yes
Is there online registration? – Yes


Campus Safety Services Offered: 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, student patrols

Campus Life Overview

Percentage of undergrads that live in college-owned housing: N/A
Percentage of Male Undergrads Living in Fraternities: N/A
Percentage of Female Undergrads Living in Sororities: N/A
Percentage of students on campus on weekends: N/A

College Housing

Does the school offer students housing? – No
Percentage of students living in college-owned housing: N/A
Housing available for all unmarried students? – No
If on-campus housing is unavailable, does school provide assistance? – Yes
Available types of campus housing: N/A

Percentage of college-owned housing units that are…

Singles: N/A
Doubles: N/A
Triples or Suites: N/A
Apartments: N/A
Other: N/A

Number of college-owned housing buildings: N/A

Percentage of college-owned housing units that have…

A sprinkler system: N/A
Fire alarms: N/A
Wired high-speed internet access: N/A

Campus Size: N/A

Transportation (distances in miles)

Nearest airport(s): New York (30), New York (15)
Nearest train station: New York (2)
Nearest bus station: New York (2)
Does public transportation serve campus? – Yes
Are all students allowed to have cars on campus? – N/A
Percentage of students with cars on campus: N/A

Student Employment

Is there school employment? – Yes
Percent of undergraduates that worked on campus in 2005-2006: – N/A
Average undergraduate wage: N/A
Are freshmen discouraged from working their first term? – N/A

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Army ROTC: Not offered
Navy ROTC Not offered
Air Force ROTC: Not offered

Rules and Regulations

Is legal alcohol permitted on campus? – Yes
Other policies: class attendance mandatory, hazing prohibited, smoking prohibited


Most popular events: N/A