Nebraska has a number of colleges and universities with different qualities that should be considered. From a safety standpoint, Creighton University beats out Clarkson College with a safety score of 90.8 out of 100 to 89.4 out of 100.

The average student loan varies from school to school with Clarkson College having the highest average outstanding student loan amount of $9427. However, students are able to save some money by searching online for cheap textbooks with our textbook search engine located in the sidebar.

When determining the best overall college or university in Nebraska, including multiple factors such as quality of education, safety, cost and student reviews – Creighton University scores highest with a 93.7 out of 100 score, followed by University of Nebraska – Lincoln (91.0) and Clarkson College (90.1). For more detailed information on particular schools select from the list below:

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