Before making a decision on a college, be sure to read the reviews and information by clicking on the map below. Not all colleges are created equal, and more expensive isn’t always better. By reading the reviews given by other college students you can avoid the pitfalls that others would experience and save yourself a lot of time and money on your college degree.

The map above provides a comprehensive source of information on all the major colleges and universities in the United States. Additionally, there is even more information in the student reviews section, particularly in regards to community colleges, that you may not find on the college stats page.

Each state contains a list of all the major accredited colleges and universities in that state. Once you click on a school, you will be presented with information regarding admissions policies and procedures, housing options, library facilities, endowment, demographics, internet connectivity, campus events, college rules and more. It also contains the official email and website for the college.

Be sure to apply for private alternative student loans – if traditional grants and scholarships aren’t going to be enough to pay for your tuition. During the application process, you’ll want to make sure your application essay is well written. The good people over at can provide guidance on that if you need it.

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