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Buy Textbooks CheapWe have gone through considerable trouble to ensure that our readers have access to cheap textbooks. College tuition is expensive enough, if we can help you save some cash on your textbooks, then we have accomplished a worthy goal.

One of the best ways for college students on a budget to save money is on their textbooks. It’s surprising how many students just go into their college bookstore and buy their textbooks. This is the worst thing you can do – remember, these are the same people that are taking all your hard earned money for tuition. They don’t want to save you money, we do.

Every student receives a break down estimate of what college will cost. In this estimate is tuition, housing, meal plans, transportation, personal, and of course, textbooks. With this break down you are given your financial aid packet that describes all the different scholarships, grants, and loans that have been given to you. With all of these added in, usually every student will get at least a small refund if their transportation, personal, and textbook fees are covered. The issue with this is that the refund does not come until about a month into the semester, after the add/drop period; however, textbooks are needed the first week of classes.

College Bookstore Scam – Beware

How are you supposed to get cheap textbooks using your financial aid money if you do not have it to spend? So you talk to your school and find out that you can get textbook vouchers that are good at the campus bookstore. That seems fine, until you go to your campus bookstore and find out that they charge double what internet sites are charging, with shipping!

Schools are definitely cheating students out of buying cheap textbooks. They limit your financial aid money so that you have to buy textbooks from them and charge more for the textbooks so they make more money. It is a corrupt system to nickel and dime students so that the universities can stay on top. If they allowed you some money to buy textbooks online, or even gave you a portion of your financial aid earlier, students could buy textbooks at a better rate. This would also make the bookstore have to drop their prices because they would be competing for students’ business. After the ridiculous amount of money students are paying for tuition alone, the last thing they need to do is spend a fortune on a textbook they will only use one time.

The bottom line is, your textbooks are overpriced because your school is in on it. They are content to financially rape students in order to enrich themselves. They issue new textbooks every three years in an effort to circumvent your ability to buy textbooks used, because they only make money when the textbook is purchased at the college bookstore. With tools such as ours, we are able to use the power of the Internet to break the evil grip of the textbook publishing industry and allow you to buy cheap textbooks whether your school wants you to or not, so spread the word!

One thing to bear in mind is that with the new online economy, there will always be opportunities online to save money and there is no difference in the area of textbooks. Be sure to pay attention to the online marketing efforts of textbook dealers, particularly when textbook buying season is at it’s height. Use the Internet to your advantage and you’ll save plenty of money by finding cheap textbooks online.

College Textbooks News

Cheap Textbooks OnlineA recent federal ruling just went into effect that will hopefully put a damper on the prices that textbook publishers are allowed to charge for college textbooks. Called the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, it was sponsored in 2008 and finally made it into law in early July 2010. Textbook publishers have been blamed for unnecessary revisions for a long time, forcing students to buy new textbooks rather than being able to get their college textbooks off the secondary market. Colleges and Universities are as much to blame as the publishers, but the legislation is directed at textbook publishers and designed to take away the excuses from the colleges and universities themselves in regards to the professors being able to require whatever textbooks they choose.

Textbook publishers will now be required to provide college professors with everything on record about textbook prices, revision history, and to also provide alternative formats of the textbooks (such as far cheaper e-books). Another trick that textbook publishers have been using to justify the high price of their materials is the additional items, like CDs, DVDs, workbooks, etc. – which they will now be required to sell separately from textbooks so that students aren’t charged for material that is seldom used. Finally, in a move directed at the college bookstores themselves, Colleges are now required to give students the required textbook’s price and International Standard Book Number (ISBN), allowing students to search for the book online in order to get cheap textbooks. That will undoubtedly make using our Super Cheap Textbooks Search Engine even easier, and accessible to more students.

When a story like this comes out it really makes us even more proud of all the money we have saved students over the years and we look forward to continuing our efforts at an even higher level as more options become available for students, and textbook prices inevitably drop to more reasonable prices.

Best Source of Cheap Textbooks

One of the biggest woes of students lies in the costly price of the pursuit towards a good college education. While it is a noteworthy endeavor, attending college is also a venue for students to sacrifice several important things in the name of education.

Enrollment is just the first part of the start of every semester. After you are done with the business of enrolling and paying for another semester, the next thing that students have to worry about is having to buy textbooks for the courses. There are two problems when it comes to buying textbooks for just one semester’s worth of course.

First, once you are done, you will find yourself with several used textbooks at hand, most of which will not be used in any other subject. The next is that bought textbooks will be harder to return because you would not have a venue to send your books back.

Find the different ways and sites where you can find the cheapest college textbooks, (and digital textbooks) with this useful list. You can also try looking for various ways by which you can save money while getting the books you need.

How we help students buy cheap textbooks

Back in the day, students have no other choice but to purchase textbooks either from the regular book stores or the university’s own printing press. Because of this, they had no other means of finding used and cheap textbooks or saving money from textbook rentals.

However, to ensure that textbook sources and even out of print books will be available to more students at better, affordable prices, websites that cater to a college textbook buy and sell method, textbook rentals, or digital textbook sourcing have begun to sprout on the Internet.

Aside from being a good source of cheap textbooks, some of these sites also enable you to compare textbook prices, so those who are willing to persevere in scouting for good textbook bargains can use tools such as the Super Cheap Textbook Search Engine to their fullest advantage.

If you are one of the college students who want to make the most out of their money and resources, do not hesitate to check out these sites, because you will find more benefits and services here other than just saving money on cheap textbooks.

In case you’re interested – the eight largest college textbook publishers are:

Bedford, Freeman, and Worth (MacMillan)
Cengage (formerly Thomson Learning, privately owned)
Jones and Bartlett Publishers
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Oxford University Press
Pearson Publishing
John Wiley and Sons
W. W. Norton Company

These eight textbook publishers control the majority of all math textbooks, English textbooks, psychology, history and science textbooks as well as most of the college textbooks used in law schools, medical schools and business schools.

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