Have you ever wondered how important is to have a good teacher in our lives? Most of us will always have a memory of that one great teacher that motivated and inspired us to believe in ourselves and always seek to challenge our own potential and become better human beings. For those people looking into joining an educational program as a career, the options are plenty, and the need is massive. On his State of the Union Address, President Obama stressed the importance of having well prepared teachers in the country; preparing the youth of a nation drives its success in the future.

For some, teaching comes as a gift, weather it is with children or MBA graduates, education is a skill that, if mastered well, can transform a student’s life, enable him/her to discover new passions, or develop strengths and reinforce weaknesses.  For others, becoming a good teacher is an acquired skill that takes years of experience to be mastered. The truth is no teaching is worthwhile without passion, passion for knowledge, for people; the main force that drives educators is to seek and harvest the best out of every student. Therefore teaching is for those few, passionate men and women that seek to help reach others their highest potential, and take pride from helping others succeed. If you are compromised into shaping the future of your nation through teaching, then an education degree is the way to go.

How to become a teacherEducation is also for those interested in taking full responsibility with great creativity. Classroom autonomy is a great benefit for these people: every time a teacher closes the classroom door and begins class, he or she has full control over how to run the day. Creativity comes into play in every activity, and this profession is one that allows the individual to express thinking through many different ways. Some famous educators also indicate that staying in touch with young people keeps teacher young, and help them learn too. When you teach a subject, you learn yourself too! Therefore, you never stop being a student yourself.

An educational program is also for those people who like a family environment, directing a class is somehow working as a family, and teamwork is essential. Let us not forget, when you are a teacher, you have summers off! This time can be best invested in other activities, summer courses, travelling, or just dedicating your time to your loved one.

On the other hand, the scope of earning a degree in education goes far beyond a classroom. Teaching applies at business level too, many speakers, motivators, and business coaches have pursued to some level teaching degrees. Teaching is also a great investigation subject that is greatly tied with psychology and human behavior.

As to where to study, the options are many, most future teachers like to go for schools that are preceded by their reputation of having strong educational degrees. Many look for colleges in the west coast, especially in California.  A good California College usually offers a variety of opportunities, within reasonable time periods (some offer shorter, more intense programs) and has great reputation for their educational programs, plus a very decent weather.