Going to college can be an exciting time, but what will you do with your degree when your college days are done? If you major in one of the eight areas listed below, you might have a few issues getting a “normal” job – but that’s not always a bad thing.

1. Parapsychology
Ever wanted to be a ghost buster? That’s essentially what you’ll be qualified to do with a parapsychology degree. Chasing poltergeists and talking to the dead are just a couple of the things you’ll learn in this two-year program.

2. Sports Ministry
Yes, really. You can get a degree that shows you how to use working in sports – like little league or a non-profit – can be a great avenue for teaching people about religion. Whether that’s ethical isn’t really addressed, but you will learn how to be a good witness, and you’ll practice team-building skills. Those aren’t necessarily bad things.

weirdest college majors3. Medical Marijuana Growing
You really can get a degree in growing weed. Because there are so many people using medical marijuana today, and it’s becoming much more accepted to do so, it’s possible that this degree will actually be useful in the future.

4. Bowling Industry Management
You’d have to really love bowling to want to go into the industry, but this degree will show you how to run a pro shop, care for lanes, and handle pinsetter mechanics. A lot of bowling alleys seem to be closing up, so it’s hard to say whether this degree will actually provide you with anything useful, but it’s definitely a conversation starter.

5. Winemaking
What a deal. You can get a degree that says you know how to turn grapes into alcohol. Some winemakers do make a lot of money, but it still seems like an odd thing to go to school for and attain a degree in.

6. The Beatles, Popular Music and Society
It’s a master’s program, and two nights a week for a year. Who knows what in the world you could ever do with a degree like that. Practical usage doesn’t even come into play.

7. Boiler Making
Does anyone even use boilers anymore? As society moves toward more green energy options and continues to explore different ways to bring power to people’s homes and businesses, it’s hard to imagine this skill still being useful.

8. Comic Book Art
This one might actually be valuable. Sure, it’s weird, but there are a lot of comic books out there. Someone has to draw them, and they’ve got to get paid for it – or at least they should get paid for it. With Manga and other styles of Japanese comics gaining ground throughout the world, the demand for people to draw comics in various styles is likely to keep going up.

There you have it. Eight of the weirdest college majors available today. Some of these are only offered at one particular school, and others are offered at various places around the country and around the world. When it comes to choosing a major, these options offer something that deviates from “the norm.” No matter where you find them, they’re definitely different when it comes to the education and career field.

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