Modern technology has done many things for our society. With unbelievable advances in medicine and astounding achievements in the areas of science and computation, there is no limit to the benefits modern technology has provided us. As technology continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, education and learning have had to respond to the recent tech craze.

More and more primary schools are incorporating computers, social media, and mobile technology into their classrooms. Moreover, more and more institutions of higher education are founding online degree programs and other online methods of learning. As online degree programs gain popularity, more and more schools are introducing open courseware programs for lifelong learning. This innovative step in education allows anyone and everyone to access resources for extended learning.

These three higher education behemoths offer multiple courses free online to whomever would like to take them.

MIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the biggest name technical schools in the nation. As one of the most highly regarded schools in the nation, the fact that MIT offers their coveted courses for free online is impressive. With up to 1,800 courses offered online, anyone can find useful classes in aeronautics, anthropology, engineering, chemistry, political science, literature, history, and much more. These open courseware classes are based off of the actual curriculum of an MIT class and provide the syllabi, reading lists, course notes, and assignments from the actual class. Many of the classes are accompanied by video and audio to make the course feel even more like the actual tradition class at MIT.

Berkeley Open Courseware

Another behemoth in the academic world, UC Berkeley also offers an open courseware program that helps people complete coursework in any subject they wish. As one of the top ranked universities in the U.S. and with some of the most important academics in their field, it is no small thing that Berkeley offers some of their courses for free online. The Berkeley site allows you to view webcasts and podcasts of classroom lectures taking place on campus. Each course that is offered in the Berkeley program provides assignments, notes, and tests from the actual class.

Stanford on iTunes U

Stanford University teamed up with iTunes U to provide access to a huge range of audio courses online for any person seeking more education. With Stanford’s prestigious name and brilliant classes, this is one of the most impressive open courseware programs offered. There are a few dozen courses offered by Stanford iTunes U, including several continuing education courses and some undergraduate classes. The site offers downloadable lectures on many different topics and is a very useful resource for most anyone interested in expanding their mind and education.