If you’re in college, you know you already pay WAY too much for your education. Obviously, you should have started a savings account designated for college a long time ago. In reality, you still can, simply click here to do that and get started. Moreover, You might have a job, but with all the classes you have you probably don’t get paid nearly enough. Don’t spend your hard earned money on unnecessary costs! Use these ten money saving tips to help you keep more cash in your pocket!

1. Rent/sell/borrow textbooks. New textbooks may be clean and shiny, but the information is still the same even inside of a book in the worst condition. You can get used books really cheap if you look in the right places. Also consider using old editions. They’re generally almost exactly the same and they sell for much cheaper. Many colleges even offer textbook rentals so you don’t even have to worry about the hassle of selling books. See if your library has any reserve copies that you can use throughout the year if you know it’s a book you won’t use very often. If you want some extra cash for old books, use our textbook tool.

2. Avoid dorm fees. If you’re living in the dorms, they will try to take every penny of your deposit that they can get their hands on. Don’t give them any reason to charge you! When you move in, be absolutely sure to fill out the room inspection form at the beginning of the year. It’s boring, it’s annoying, but it will come back to haunt you if you don’t. When you move out, pack a day early and dedicate your entire last day to cleaning so you can make sure your room is spotless. If you have anything mounted on the walls, take it off a week early so you can paint or patch any holes you may have. Trust me, it’s cheaper to do it yourself than to pay whatever they will charge you.

3. Bigger apartment = more roommates = less rent. If you’re living off campus, try to invest in a bigger apartment. While a two bedroom pay be a bit pricey, you will have enough space for about four people. This will decrease your costs dramatically. Having roommates even lets you split up costs for things like furniture, food, and utilities.

4. Eat out at places with huge portions. After the first few weeks, dorm food just doesn’t taste very good anymore. If you want to go out somewhere to eat, find a place that gives you huge portions. Where I live, there is a place called Aloha Hawaiian BBQ that serves an $8 meal that’s big enough for four people! Living alone? Save the leftovers for later! It will come in handy if you’re every hungry for a midnight snack and everything is closed.

10 Tips to help you save money at college5. Take general electives at community colleges. Many colleges force you to take tons of credits in GE’s that you really don’t care about. Keep your tuition costs low by enrolling in the minimum amount of credits required to be full time (anything less can get your financial aid taken away). Then, take all your general electives at a community college. These classes are great because you have the option of taking some of them online, and they are super cheap!

6. Ditch the car. Cars can fill up your budget fast. If you can, walk or bike to school. It saves money, the environment, and it is good exercise! Everyone wins! Of course there will be times when you need a car, but finding a friend with a car shouldn’t be a problem. Just be nice, and I’m sure they will be more than willing to help you out.

7. Shop online. Doing all your shopping online can save you a ton of money. Shopping online gives you the freedom to compare prices from tons of different dealers. Find retailers with free shipping to get the most out of your order. Be sure check out an online coupon site that will give you valuable coupon codes too to help knock off extra money.

8. Cancel paid television. Even if you love watching TV, you can find literally everything on the internet. There’s plenty of ways to legally watch your favorite shows. If you like movies, Netflix is definitely a great investment. You can see one movie in theaters for the same price you pay for unlimited access on Netflix.

9. Buy supplies in bulk. Try to buy things in bulk that you know you’ll need a lot of, like toilet paper or plastic utensils. It may cost more initially, but if you need the supplies anyways, you might as well just get it in bulk. If you have roommates, split the cost so it will be even cheaper!

10. Pay bills electronically. Don’t get caught paying late fees. Pay everything online so you can set up email reminders to let you know when you need to pay up.