Things to know about college visit

6 Things to Keep In Mind During Your College Visit

When you’re trying to pick a college, there are numerous decisions you can consider without even stepping foot on a campus. What do you want to study? How much are you able to pay? Do you seek a small or large student body? What kind of school will accept you in the first place? All […]

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Make the Most of College Education

Make the Most of Your Education

If there’s one thing The Great Recession has taught us, it’s that a college degree is becoming increasingly important in order to land a well-paying, stable job. Gone are the days when you can work your way up the corporate ladder with just a high school diploma. Instead, employers are becoming more and more selective […]

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coping with law school

How To Cope With Your Spouse Going To Law School

It all starts out the way you imagined. You and your spouse graduated from college, got married, moved into a house and even had your first baby.  Now your spouse brings up the subject of going back to school!  She has always wanted to be a lawyer but between getting married and having children it […]

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Is distance learning right for you?

In today`s high tech society, distance learning is becoming an increasingly popular choice for students wishing to earn a college degree. Distance learning simply means that you attend class outside of a traditional classroom setting, typically through online courses or telecourses. Numerous accredited educational institutions offer distance learning courses and degree programs. Although these programs […]

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Online learning skills

Three Highly Sought After Professional Traits Online Learning Fosters

Online learning and online degrees are no longer viewed as a lesser credential in the professional world. On the contrary, many employers in specific areas of industry seek employees with specific skills that online learning promotes. Many attributes online learning and online learners present are some of the most valuable qualities an employee can possess […]

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Digital Textbooks - New Learning Tools

Textbooks Going Digital

The digital revolution has already come to classrooms across the country: Students from all grade levels are using programs like Skype to video chat with virtual pen pals, playing outcome-based education games on computers, and e-mailing their teachers for help with homework. And e-books are slowly being added to the arsenal of resources used for […]

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