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I initially decided to go with Strayer University due to a family member that had previously gone there and had nothing but good things to say about it. It all started when my hours got cut down due to the economy, and making ends meet was tough. Before last September, I was a primary school teacher and things were going great.

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I had a steady job and payroll. Come September, I was informed that even school boards were cutting down due to a cut in funding. I was also informed that I would now be sharing a class with another teacher and only be teaching 3 out of the 5 days in a school week. Obviously I was devastated, but I asked the school administrator if there was anything that I could do to hopefully reclaim my position next school year; he said that the only chance I had was gaining higher qualifications since I lacked seniority.

So I decided to see what exactly Strayer University had to offer. When I went on the site, the first thing I noticed was that Strayer University was specifically aimed at adult education. I was surprised at all the degrees and courses they offered. Without naming them all, they offered various degrees in science, business, health, art and education. I also learned that on top of offering regular classes that require one to actually attend classes and go to campus, Strayer University also offered what is known as distance education, which is essentially an online school that lets you earn a degree without having to physically go to school.

The distance education program also seemed very promising since it had an extremely flexible schedule which is what I needed since I was still working part time. I decided to get more information apart the online school and the particular degree I was after (Master’s in Education). I requested more information, and the Strayer University representatives got back to me quickly. I decided to enroll in their distance education program and earn my Master’s in Education. Fast forward 12 months, I am now employed full time and actually earning more than before!

So, for what exact reasons would I recommend Strayer University? For one, their times are EXTREMELY flexible; they accommodate to your schedule and not the other way. Second, their tuition is competitive and since I used their online school, I didn’t have to pay for all the textbooks. Last but not least, my professors were nothing but helpful, they always made sure I understood, and if I didn’t they were glad to help me until I got it; they were also very to get in touch with. Personally, I think the fact that Strayer University is specifically modeled for people with busy schedules makes them one of the best Universities offering an online school.

Overall, the best way to find out what Strayer University has to offer is to request a free information package. It’s 100% free and will help you find out exactly what degrees and courses Strayer has to offer, along with tuition fees and more. (Review submitted by Joseph A. Koos)

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