How Special Will Your College Experience Be?

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Once You’ve Transitioned to it, Find Ways to Enhance it!
As you get ready to go off to college there are many things that are going through your mind. What will college be like? Will I like my roommate? Will my classes be hard? Most of these worries will be whisked away shortly after you arrive. Remember, you’re not the only one thinking about these things! All the other freshmen are too! Once the initial jitters are out of the way and you settle into your courses and new daily life, you should take some time to investigate the things your college has to offer. If you don’t already know about your school’s special programs, you should take time to find out more about them. There are many ways to approach your education that go beyond roaming through campus from class to class, semester after semester.

What Does Your College Offer?
Special programs can add significant value to your college experience with educational, social, and even career opportunities you might not encounter otherwise. These offerings vary from college to college and can range from cooperative education (alternating between full-time studies and full-time, paid work) to programs as unusual as a semester at sea! You can read about some of these interesting offerings at The College Board’s web site.

Double Value: Unique Experience Now and Competitive Edge Later
Beyond the added experience you’ll gain by participating in a special program, many find upon graduation that their unique college background provided them with a competitive edge in the job market. Cooperative education programs, internships, studying abroad, carrying a double major, or participating in an accelerated program are all eye-catching lines on a new graduate’s resume. They are also offer wonderfully interesting conversation-generators for interviews! While resumes and interviews may seem a long way off, they are what you’ll ultimately be working toward over the next four years. Many programs offer real work experience and unique networking opportunities. One thing is for certain, the exceptional experiences and knowledge you gain by taking a special college program will be with you for a lifetime.

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