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Open Courseware Consortium

3 Innovative Open Courseware Programs from Top Universities

Modern technology has done many things for our society. With unbelievable advances in medicine and astounding achievements in the areas of science and computation, there is no limit to the benefits modern technology has provided us. As technology continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, education and learning have had to respond to the […]

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what online programs can teach

What You Will Learn In Online Programs that Traditional Schools Can’t Teach

Online education has come a long way since its humble (and shady) beginnings in the 90’s.  Today, diploma mills have been exposed and all but dismantled, and the for-profit education model has brought professional instruction to millions of students who otherwise could not have pursued higher education. As far as distance education has come, however, […]

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Is distance learning right for you?

In today`s high tech society, distance learning is becoming an increasingly popular choice for students wishing to earn a college degree. Distance learning simply means that you attend class outside of a traditional classroom setting, typically through online courses or telecourses. Numerous accredited educational institutions offer distance learning courses and degree programs. Although these programs […]

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Online learning skills

Three Highly Sought After Professional Traits Online Learning Fosters

Online learning and online degrees are no longer viewed as a lesser credential in the professional world. On the contrary, many employers in specific areas of industry seek employees with specific skills that online learning promotes. Many attributes online learning and online learners present are some of the most valuable qualities an employee can possess […]

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distance learning

3 Tips for Mastering Distance Learning

In today’s tech centric society, online education has become an ever more popular choice for our learning needs. There are numerous institutions offering online courses and programs that help non-traditional students obtain the degrees they desire. Online learning is a wonderful choice for many different types of students. However, there are several challenges that online […]

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Online learning environment

Ways to Successfully Adjust to the Online Learning Environment and Routine

Many people entering the hugely popular world of online learning underestimate many of the challenges they will encounter. Obviously, online and distance learning differs in many significant ways from traditional classroom learning. All of your school work, in “class” and otherwise, is completed on your own time and in your own designated work space. For […]

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Advantages of online courses

Making the Most of an Online Education

As the Internet becomes an increasingly integral part of teaching and learning, students are choosing to enroll in online colleges and universities to earn their degrees. And it’s a trend that’s catching on—a blog post at the Chronicle of Education featured a study showing a 17% increase in students who took at least one online […]

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Online schools for degree

Online School – Get A Degree From Home

Online University – Making Schooling Possible from Anywhere Online university degrees have become the solution for people who are highly busy who also want to fulfill their educational goals. Nowadays, it is extremely possible to be employed full part time while at the same time pursuing your academic degree. With technology working its magic, you […]

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Online school advice

Would an Online Education Fit Your Learning Style?

There are many different learning styles, and some of them can affect the experience of taking part in an online school. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it can be very helpful for people that are in need of a more open schedule and less-restrictive meeting requirements. Before pursuing an online degree it’s important to […]

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Using video games for online education

Distance Education with Online Gaming

Education is always a subject of study for tens of thousands of dedicated researchers around the world. Education, like all things, is a constantly-changing science. As humanity pushes forward to a far more glorious dawn, our technology and indeed the fundamental way our institutions work is subject to change. Video games have always traditionally been […]

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