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Post 911 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program

Colorado Technical University: Benefits of the GI Bill

Everyone knows that college, though expensive, is a wise investment in the future. For that reason, many military service members and veterans are smart to take advantage of their educational benefits through the VA. Unfortunately, these military men and women do not just get everything paid for; instead, they need to fill out the proper […]

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Review of Redlands University

University of Redlands – Review

If you are looking for a lifelong experience of leadership, innovation, cultural exchange, social generosity, and never-ending curiosity, the University of Redlands is the right place to start. As a private institution founded in 1907, this California College is committed to providing its students with the best possible environment for learning and developing academic, personal, […]

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business school at redlands university

Finding a Good Business School

As high school seniors approach graduation, their mind is flooded with thoughts about the future. Most of these thoughts wander about what major and career to pursue. With such an evolving world, the options are limitless, and new careers open almost daily all around the world. However, many students are underestimating the power of education […]

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University of Vermont – Student Review

Background information The University Of Vermont is by far the largest school in Vermont, located in the largest city in Vermont, Burlington. The University Of Vermont is commonly referred to as UVM, which stands for its Latin name “Universitas Viridis Montis”. UVM was the fifth college created in New England, and is one of the […]

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College Review – University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is one of the first and also one of the biggest universities to offer a distance education, which essentially means you can earn a degree via an online school. Online universities are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Being a University of Phoenix graduate myself, I can honestly […]

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Walden University

Returning from my 3rd tour in Iraq, I was a veteran looking to settle down and finally get a degree in something I enjoy; which is networking, more specifically, computer system networking. I wasn’t sure where or even which Universities offered degrees in computer system networking. Having a friend in the same business, I asked […]

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kaplan university review

Kaplan University Online College Review

Kaplan University caught my attention because they consider their school to be “a different school of thought.” Being an online school, I was surprised to find out they offer more than 170 degrees. Everything I’ve heard about Kaplan tells me they are flexible with their students making their school an ideal place for busy students […]

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College Review – DeVry University

Being 19 years old, I was eager to go to school and obtain my degree in sales and marketing, but I kept on procrastinating. I had a nice, high paying construction job due to a project in my city; but, I knew it wouldn’t last forever and I would most likely lose my job in […]

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