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Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice: Your Ticket to Career Satisfaction?

Here’s a question for you, and I want you to answer honestly. Are you completely satisfied with your current job? And if not, do you know what to do about it? Have you considered going to school to begin a career in criminal justice? This may be a good option for you if you are […]

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Careers in Disaster Management

Preparing to be Prepared: A Career in Disaster Management

Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Fires. Terrorism. It seems like every day you hear about one disaster or another striking a community either at home or abroad. When these disasters strike —and before — it’s important to have individuals who are trained in emergency and disaster management to coordinate the response, mitigate the damage and help save lives […]

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five common resume mistakes

Five Common Information Technology Resume Mistakes

Information technology is a growing sector, with thousands of jobs available in the field at any given time. With IT being a lucrative field, that also makes it very competitive. Many young professionals are joining the field for future income and job security. So if you’re an IT professional searching for a new position or […]

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Make the Most of College Education

Make the Most of Your Education

If there’s one thing The Great Recession has taught us, it’s that a college degree is becoming increasingly important in order to land a well-paying, stable job. Gone are the days when you can work your way up the corporate ladder with just a high school diploma. Instead, employers are becoming more and more selective […]

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financial planning in college

How important is financial planning at the start of your career

One of the last things brand new graduates are likely to think about is financial planning. When one finally begins to make a “grown up” salary for the first time in life, it can be very tempting to begin to spend money as if there is no tomorrow. Enjoying life now is highly touted in […]

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job prospects in the health care industry

Health Care Industry – Job Prospects

The job market is getting a shot in the arm from the health care industry, particularly in the field of nursing. Nursing has been one of the most critical roles in medical care—and now, more than ever, nursing is at the forefront of health care careers. While registered nursing jobs are becoming limited, there are […]

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Health Care Career Options

A Guide to the Top Health Care College Degrees

The health care industry plays a vital role in America’s social and economic well being. There are a ton of options out there for anyone considering a career in health care and choosing the right area of study can feel like a daunting task. Before choosing a college degree, it’s important to consider several factors. […]

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How to become a teacher

Becoming a Teacher

Have you ever wondered how important is to have a good teacher in our lives? Most of us will always have a memory of that one great teacher that motivated and inspired us to believe in ourselves and always seek to challenge our own potential and become better human beings. For those people looking into […]

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Use a mentor to succeed in law school

Benefits of Legal Mentoring

As the dwindling market leads to fewer opportunities for graduating law students, many of them may be considering starting their own firm straight out of the gate. Doing this can have its advantages, including avoiding the loss of a job due to downsizing, and the opportunity to compete with smaller firms, rather than trying to […]

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Are Graduate Degrees worth it?

Over-educated: Why a Post-Graduate Degree May not be Such a Good Idea

When I was a kid, the big question every adult posed was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The underlying assumption was that I would choose a profession, go to a University in pursuit of that profession, and work thirty-odd years as I climbed to the top of my profession’s ladder. […]

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