Household Income Still Strongly Linked to SAT Scores

Most employees in the U.S. either studied day and night for the SAT exam or blew it off completely. In today’s market, students are learning that preparing for an SAT exam and working towards achieving a high score will allow them to gain leverage over students who have a lower score. Since competition is fierce […]

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The Growth of Online Education [Infographic]

Pearson Learning Solutions recently published an infographic about online learning. They took data from a 2011 study issued by Babson Survey Research Group–Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011. The study has several interesting conclusions about online learning: Enjoy the infographic:  

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Harvard and MIT to Offer Free Online Courses

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have teamed to provide online courses for free. Called edX, MIT and the Crimison will invest $60 million into the project. According to the two educational juggernauts, they “will collaborate to enhance campus-based teaching and learning and build a global community of online learners.” What’s exciting about […]

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Formative Assessment: Collaboration With A Higher Purpose

t’s taken generations, but classroom students are finally teaching their teachers how they learn best. As differentiation has made inroads upon territory where once only “one size fits all” was the norm, formative assessments are being used to actually adjust teaching to meet the academic needs of the student. Through a variety of means—social media, […]

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Discover Open Road Card for Students

Best College Student Credit Cards

Student credit cards can offer financial independence and flexibility. Designed for college students who do not have much if any credit history or even a job, these cards offer several benefits Benefits: A credit card can help a student build credit, handle emergencies, and even earn cash back or other rewards. Picking a Card: As […]

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Deciding The College Location That’s Right For You

icking a college to attend is an incredibly important life decision that naturally involves numerous considerations and factors. It requires you to think strongly about what you want to study, what passions, sports, and extracurriculars you want to pursue, what kind of students you want to surround yourself with, and how much you can afford […]

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