Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice: Your Ticket to Career Satisfaction?

Here’s a question for you, and I want you to answer honestly. Are you completely satisfied with your current job? And if not, do you know what to do about it? Have you considered going to school to begin a career in criminal justice? This may be a good option for you if you are […]

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Careers in Disaster Management

Preparing to be Prepared: A Career in Disaster Management

Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Fires. Terrorism. It seems like every day you hear about one disaster or another striking a community either at home or abroad. When these disasters strike —and before — it’s important to have individuals who are trained in emergency and disaster management to coordinate the response, mitigate the damage and help save lives […]

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Open Courseware Consortium

3 Innovative Open Courseware Programs from Top Universities

Modern technology has done many things for our society. With unbelievable advances in medicine and astounding achievements in the areas of science and computation, there is no limit to the benefits modern technology has provided us. As technology continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, education and learning have had to respond to the […]

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What to look for in a college

What To Look For In A College

Whether you’re pursuing a Bachelors degree or a Masters, choosing the right educational program for you is critically important to your future. It’s not unusual to spend upwards of a year or more simply researching different schools and programs around the country. Considering the price of tuition these days, a few months of research is […]

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five common resume mistakes

Five Common Information Technology Resume Mistakes

Information technology is a growing sector, with thousands of jobs available in the field at any given time. With IT being a lucrative field, that also makes it very competitive. Many young professionals are joining the field for future income and job security. So if you’re an IT professional searching for a new position or […]

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what online programs can teach

What You Will Learn In Online Programs that Traditional Schools Can’t Teach

Online education has come a long way since its humble (and shady) beginnings in the 90’s.  Today, diploma mills have been exposed and all but dismantled, and the for-profit education model has brought professional instruction to millions of students who otherwise could not have pursued higher education. As far as distance education has come, however, […]

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